Drama-free Haircuts for Little Ones

Drama-free Haircuts for Little Ones

Haircuts can be hard on kids and parents that’s why at Pigtails & Crewcuts,  we have tricks up our sleeves to offer drama-free haircuts for little ones! We try to ensure that even the most difficult moments of every haircut go smoothly. Here’s what you can do before you arrive to your appointment to make things a little easier for everybody:

1. Get your little one used to the sound of buzzing close to their head.

If your little one will need a clipper-cut, try to familiarize them with the buzzing sound. Loud noises scare young kids, and we get that! Children do better with familiar sounds, so something as simple as playing the clipper sound on a video from your phone may make your little one feel more comfortable. You could even give them a pretend haircut with your phone while playing the sound!

2. Bring your kid to the salon before their appointment.

Bringing your child to the salon gives them an opportunity to look around and become familiar with the salon environment. Pigtails & Crewcuts is kid-friendly, and seeing other kids getting their hair cut and being just fine can reinforce the idea that your little one  will be safe and unharmed.

3. Make sure your little one is well-rested.

If your child still takes naps, plan to come in after their nap, so your little one is happy and ready to play!

4. Bring something that provides comfort.

Your child is more than welcome to hold onto one of the toys from our playroom while they get their hair cut, but sometimes there’s one special toy from home that they love to play with that can provide a distraction and comfort. Don’t worry if your little one moves around while they’re playing- wiggles are welcome in our salon!

5. Bring their favorite snack.

Food can often provide comfort to our bodies because our brains think that we wouldn’t be eating if we were not safe. We have animal crackers and lollipops in the salon, but if your little one has allergies or a loved snack that usually calms them down, it may be best to bring that in for them to enjoy while they get their hair cut.

6. Use the word "trim" instead of "haircut".

The word “cut” can have a negative connotation- it can make your little one think that they will be cut and hurt, even though that’s not the case! Saying “trim” instead has a more positive meaning and may be more well-received.

7. Arrive early for your appointment.

Arriving early for your appointment gives your little one time to become familiar with the salon and play in our playroom before their haircut. It also gives them more time to sit in one of our cool car-themed chairs for some time before the haircut starts!

With these tips in mind, you can easily achieve a drama-free haircut, or at least one with as few difficulties as possible! We can’t wait to see your little one’s smile after their haircut!


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