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Scissor Haircuts vs Clipper Cuts

Scissor Cuts vs Clipper Cuts: What's the Difference?

When it’s time to get a haircut, it’s important to understand the difference between scissor cuts and clipper cuts. Each technique offers unique advantages depending on your hair type, desired style, and maintenance preferences.

Clipper Cuts

Clippers are designed for shorter hair lengths and most clipper cuts will use scissors to achieve the desired style. They come with detachable guards that allow for easy control of length, making them ideal for shorter styles such as fades, buzz cuts, or crew cuts. Clipper cuts are popular among those who want a shorter, low-maintenance look. Most clipper cuts will also include the use of scissors.


  • Efficient and quick haircuts, making clipper cuts great for people who prefer short haircuts.
  • Clipper guards make it simple to achieve uniform hair length across the head, ensuring a neat and clean look
  • If you prefer a shorter style and want to go longer between appointments, clipper cuts are great as they maintain their shape well and require less frequent touch ups.

Scissor Cuts

Scissors are primarily intended for longer hair lengths and offer a high level of precision and control. They can be used for creating texture, maintaining the shape of a style, and adding beautiful layers or bangs. Scissor cuts are often favored for achieving a more natural looking and blended finish. 


  • Scissor cuts allow the stylists to have complete control over the length and shape of the hair, enabling them to create intricate and customized styles.
  • Scissors are perfect for adding texture and layers to hair, creating impressive dimension and movement.
  • Scissor cuts tend to produce softer, more natural looking results.

Things to Consider

When choosing between a clipper cut and a scissors cut, there are several factors to consider.


1. Your hair style goals. Determine the length and style you want to achieve. If you’d like longer hair or specific layering and texture, scissor cuts are the better choice. For shorter styles, clipper cuts would be more appropriate.


2. Time between appointments. Consider how often you want to visit the salon for touch-ups. Clipper cuts tend to maintain their shape for a longer period of time, making them a good choice for those who want to visit the salon less often.


3. Hair texture. The texture of your hair can play a role in determining athe best cutting technique. Scissor cuts allow for more versatility in working with different hair textures and creating personalizd style.


4. Cowlicks. If you have cowlicks, or areas where the hair grows in different directions, a skilled stylist can address them using either technique. However, scissor cuts offer more precision in managing cowlicks due to the ability to work with shorter lengths.

We hope you found this article helpful and gained a better understanding of the difference between scissor cuts and clipper cuts!


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