Baby's First Haircut

Top 5 Haircuts for Boys This Summer

Summer is here, and it’s the perfect time to refresh your boy’s look with a cool new haircut! At Pigtails & Crewcuts, we know how important it is to choose a style that’s both trendy and practical for the warm months ahead. Here are the top 5 haircuts for boys this summer that will keep them looking sharp and feeling comfortable.

The Classic Crew Cut

The crew cut is a timeless favorite, and for good reason. This low-maintenance style is short on the sides and slightly longer on top, making it perfect for active boys. It’s easy to manage, looks neat, and helps keep them cool during those hot summer days.

The Textured Crop

The textured crop is all about a casual, effortless look with a modern twist. This style features short sides and a slightly longer, choppy top that adds volume and texture. It’s great for boys who want a bit of edge without too much fuss. Plus, it’s versatile enough to suit different hair types and face shapes.

The Undercut

For a bold and stylish look, the undercut is a top choice. This haircut features very short sides with a longer top that can be styled in various ways. Whether slicked back, tousled, or spiked up, the undercut allows for plenty of creativity. It’s a great way for boys to express their individuality while staying cool and comfortable.

The Fade

The fade haircut is a smooth and sleek option that gradually transitions from longer hair on top to very short or even shaved sides. It’s a clean, polished look that works well for boys of all ages. The fade can be customized to be high, mid, or low, depending on how dramatic you want the transition to be.

The Shaggy Mop

For a more relaxed, beachy vibe, the shaggy mop is a fantastic choice. This haircut is all about layers and texture, creating a tousled, laid-back appearance. It’s perfect for boys who prefer a bit of length and movement in their hair. The shaggy mop is easy to maintain and can be styled with minimal effort, making it ideal for those carefree summer days.

Why Choose Pigtails & Crewcuts?

At Pigtails & Crewcuts, we specialize in children’s haircuts, offering a fun and friendly environment that makes every visit enjoyable. Our skilled stylists are experts in the latest trends and techniques, ensuring your little one leaves looking and feeling great.

Visit us this summer to give your boy a fresh, stylish haircut that’s perfect for all the summer adventures ahead. Book your appointment today and let’s make this summer the most stylish one yet!

Sweet Hair for your Sweetheart!

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to spread love and joy, and what better way to celebrate than by giving your little ones a festive and adorable makeover? Whether your child is attending a Valentine’s Day party or simply spending quality time with family, a charming hairstyle can add an extra touch of sweetness to the day. In this blog post, we’ll explore some heartwarming and easy-to-create hairstyles for kids that will make them feel extra special on this love-filled day.

  1. Heart-shaped Braids: Start by parting your child’s hair down the middle, creating two sections. On each side, craft small braids and then pull them towards the back of the head to form a heart shape. Secure the braids with cute heart-shaped clips or elastics for a charming and simple Valentine’s Day look.
  2. Cupid’s Bow Ponytail: Gather your child’s hair into a high ponytail and secure it with a fun, colorful ribbon or scrunchie. Divide the ponytail into two sections and twist each section to create a bow-like effect. Secure the twisted sections with bobby pins, and you’ll have a delightful Cupid’s bow ponytail that’s perfect for the occasion.
  3. Lovely Lollipop Pigtails: Divide your child’s hair into two sections and create high pigtails. Using small, colorful hair elastics, secure each pigtail. Next, attach heart-shaped or lollipop-themed hair accessories at the base of each pigtail for a playful and festive touch that kids will adore.
  4. Heart Bun with Ribbons: Gather your child’s hair into a high ponytail and twist it into a bun, securing it with a hair tie. Take small sections of the bun and shape them into hearts, securing each heart with bobby pins. Add some flair by tying colorful ribbons around the base of the bun, creating a whimsical and lovely hairstyle.
  5. Sweetheart Headband: For a quick and easy Valentine’s Day hairstyle, consider using a heart-shaped headband. Pull your child’s hair back and place the headband on top for an instant festive look. You can also add some curls or waves to the hair for an extra dose of charm.

This Valentine’s Day, make your child feel extra special with these delightful and easy-to-create hairstyles. Whether you choose to go for heart-shaped braids or a sweetheart headband, these adorable styles are sure to bring joy to your little one’s heart. Have fun experimenting with these kid-friendly hairstyles and create lasting memories on this day filled with love and sweetness.

How To Prepare For Your Child’s First Haircut

Parents and Guardians: The Pigtails & Crewcuts Mount Pleasant family knows that getting a first haircut can be a memorable and exciting experience for both you and your child! However, it can also be a bit intimidating and overwhelming for young children who are not used to sitting still for long periods or having someone work near their head. Luckily, we have some tips to help prepare your child for their first haircut! 

  1. Talk to your child about what will happen during the haircut and reassure them that it won’t hurt.

  2. Show them pictures or videos of children getting haircuts so they can see what to expect.

  3. Consider bringing along a special toy or comfort item to keep your child occupied and comforted during the haircut.

  4. Choose a time of day when your child is usually at their best and most cooperative.

  5. Consider letting your child watch you get a haircut beforehand so they can see that it’s a normal and routine activity.

  6. Finally, stay positive and upbeat throughout the haircut, praising and rewarding your child for their bravery and cooperation. 

With these tips, and utilizing our First Haircut Package, you can help ensure that your child’s first haircut is a positive and memorable experience!

Our First Haircut Package not only comes with a great haircut, you will receive a personalized keepsake card with your baby’s name, haircut date, cute photo, and a locket of hair.

First Haircut Package - Pigtails & Crewcuts Mount Pleasant

Check out the video above for more information on what your child’s awesome first haircut will be like when you choose Pigtails & Crewcuts Mount Pleasant! Click the link below to book now; we hope to see you soon and have you as part of the family!