DIY Beauty Treatments From Your Pantry

Having a frizzy day? Apply some avocado. Feeling oily? Sprinkle some cornstarch on your scalp. Spend too much time in the sun?  Honey is the cure for dry and sun-damaged locks. While many of us have spent a fortune on hair and skin products over the years, it seems that most of the answers to our beauty questions are actually right at our fingertips—and in our gardens and pantries. Here are some recipes you can try at home.

Mix your own sugar scrub. All it takes is sugar, essential oils and scents that you and your kids love! Visit Wellness Mama for recipes that create pumpkin pie scrub, lemon hand scrub and lemon lavender facial scrub.

Create your own facemask. Facemasks you buy at the store are expensive and often filled with ingredients you can’t even pronounce. We found a variety of masks for all skin types at, and learned a lot in the process. Did you know that turmeric and yogurt will help brighten your skin? Lemon, honey, milk and cucumber will soothe, and yogurt and oatmeal are great for sunburns. Dark chocolate, which is high in anti-oxidants, is even great for your skin!

Blend your own conditioner. Your refrigerator could actually be storing your next hair treatment. Avocado, mayonnaise, rosemary, coconut milk, soybean oil—they’re all ingredients (although not necessarily together!) in these DIY hair care products. The site even offers recipes for homemade dandruff treatments.

Round up your own remedies. From conditioning dry and damaged hair to drying up that greasy sheen, Woman’s Day pulled together a number of home remedies to address the most common beauty challenges. Read more here.