Hair-raising Ideas for Halloween ‘dos

Fall is in the air, and all of the little goblins and ghouls are getting ready for a hair-raising holiday!

Hair makes the outfit, whether it’s Halloween or any other day of the year, and our Pigtails & Crewcuts team of hair experts is filled with ideas for you and your little pumpkin. Whether you’re teasing yourself into a tizzy or rocking the faux hawk, get your scare on with our ideas for Halloween hair.

Tease it out. Ready for your hair to stand on end? Hold it straight up and then take a comb and gently tease it down until it stands on its own. Spray with hair spray (or, better, color spray) for staying power. Whether you’re teasing one section or all of the hair, this is a great way to turn heads on Halloween.

Spike it up. Want to look rough and tough? With Jacques’ Hair Jam, by Circle of Friends, you won’t get any funny business. This texturizing hair wax is perfect for creating high hair art, whether you want a faux hawk, spikes or just a wild, vertical ‘do.

Slick it back. Go greased lightening! Slick that hair back, with the best of ‘em. Whether you’re dressing as Superman, Dracula or even a slick politician, you need goo. We suggest Circle of Friends Luc’s Lemon Lime Shine Hair Slicker, which is also great for smoothing out or spiking up hair, year round.

Color, color and more color. Whether you’re a zombie or a clown, a monster, mermaid or minion, every costume is better with color. Consider using hair chalk, hair color spray, hair feathers or hair tinsel for an eye-catching splash of brightness.

Go beyond Pippi with pipe cleaners. Pipe cleaners are a Halloween hairdo’s best friend. Whether you’re looking to make sticky-outy braids like Pippi Longstocking, or something less extreme, these tools are inexpensive and easy to use. Simply section hair into pigtails or ponytails and braid or wrap the hair around the pipe cleaner. You can form them into simple cat ears, bumblebee antennas or other styles.

Twist those cinnamon rolls. Do you have a little Princess Leia? Those cinnamon roll buns are key! To form them, make pigtails above the ears. Braid both pigtails, placing a small rubber band at the end of each. Then twist them into buns, and use bobby pins or hairpins to hold them together. May the force be with you!

Add some flair to your hair. Look around you for inspiration. Flowers or leaves make beautiful accents. Going for a scary effect? A few plastic spiders will really ramp up the creep factor and make just about anyone’s skin crawl. With a supply of bobby pins in hand, you can attach just about anything to your hair.

Keep it simple. Sometimes, a little bit of Halloween goes a long way. A simple themed hair clip or headband is a great way to show off some Halloween spirit. Plus, you won’t have any arguments about washing it out.