Popular hairstyles for boys in 2024

In 2024, boys’ haircuts will embrace a diverse range of styles, catering to individual preferences and trends. Here are a few popular and trendy boy haircuts for 2024:

Textured Crop:

The textured crop remains a favorite, offering a short and neat look with added texture on top. This versatile cut can be styled in various ways, making it both low-maintenance and fashion-forward.

Fade with a Twist:

Fades continue to be a staple, but in 2024, expect to see creative variations. The fade with a twist might include unique designs or patterns shaved into the sides, adding a personalized and artistic touch.

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Shaggy Surfer Hair:

For a more relaxed and beach-inspired look, the shaggy surfer hair is gaining popularity. This style features longer layers, providing a laid-back and effortlessly cool appearance reminiscent of a day at the beach.

Classic Side Part:

Timeless and polished, the classic side part remains a go-to choice for boys in 2024. This haircut is characterized by a clean side part with slightly longer hair on top, offering a refined and sophisticated look.

Modern Undercut:

The Modern Undercut is a popular men’s and boys’ haircut characterized by short or shaved sides and back, with longer hair on top. The top section is often styled with texture, volume, or a specific design. This contemporary take on the classic undercut allows for various styling options, making it a versatile choice that can be adapted to different preferences and trends.

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Messy Faux Hawk:

The faux hawk gets a playful update in 2024 with a messy twist. This style retains the edgy appeal of a traditional faux hawk but adds a more casual and tousled finish on top for a carefree yet stylish appearance.

Long Fringe:

Boys looking to make a statement may opt for a long fringe. This bold haircut features longer hair in the front, allowing for a dramatic and eye-catching look that exudes confidence and individuality.

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Buzz Cut with Design:

The buzz cut remains a classic, but in 2024, expect to see creative designs incorporated into the short hair. These designs can range from geometric patterns to more intricate and personalized motifs.

Remember, the key to a successful haircut is finding one that suits your child’s personality and lifestyle. With the variety of options available, boys in 2024 have the freedom to express themselves through their hairstyles, whether they prefer a timeless cut or a more avant-garde look.

Heading Back to School in Style: Get Your Kids’ Haircut at Pigtails & Crewcuts!

Back to School 2023 - Pigtails & Crewcuts Smyrna/Vinings

As the summer comes to an end, it’s time to start preparing for the new school year. And what better way to kick off the academic season than with a fresh haircut for your little ones and big ones? At Pigtails & Crewcuts, we specialize in haircuts for kids, offering a fun and friendly environment where children can enjoy a stylish transformation before heading back to school. Here’s why scheduling your child’s haircut at Pigtails & Crewcuts is the perfect way to start the school year on the best foot:

1. Expertise in Kid's Haircuts

At Pigtails & Crewcuts, our hairstylists are highly skilled in cutting children’s hair. They understand the unique needs and preferences of young ones, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for both kids and parents.

Fun, child-centric environment at Pigtails & Crewcuts Smynra/Vinings

2. Child-centric Atmosphere

We’ve created a salon environment that is specifically designed to cater to children. From vibrant and kid-friendly decor to entertainment options like our train table, and movies, we ensure that your child feels right at home, making the haircut experience a positive and fun-filled adventure.

3. Safety First

We prioritize the safety of our young clients. Our stylists are trained in proper handling techniques to ensure a secure and safe haircutting process. We use child-friendly tools and take extra precautions to create a worry-free experience for parents.

4. Age-Appropriate Styles

Whether your child wants a classic cut, a trendy hairstyle, or something unique, our stylists are well-versed in a variety of age-appropriate styles. They can offer suggestions and recommendations based on your child’s hair type, face shape, and personal preferences, ensuring your little one leaves with a haircut they love.

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5. Stress-Free Experience

We understand that some children may feel anxious or nervous about getting a haircut. Our friendly and patient stylists are experienced in working with children of all ages and temperaments. They know how to put kids at ease, making the experience as stress-free and comfortable as possible.

We offer treats like dum dums and animal crackers at Pigtails & Crewcuts Smyrna/Vinings

6. Fun & Rewards

At Pigtails & Crewcuts, we believe in celebrating milestones and making haircuts a positive experience. We offer exciting rewards such as dums dums, and a treasure from our treasure chest. It’s our way of making sure your child leaves our salon feeling proud and confident.

7. Convenience for Busy Parents

Back-to-school time can be hectic for parents. That’s why we offer convenient scheduling options to accommodate your busy schedule. With Pigtails & Crewcuts, you can easily book an appointment online and ensure your child gets a fantastic haircut without the hassle.

Book an appointment online or through the P+C App - Pigtails & Crewcuts Smyrna/Vinings

So, why settle for an ordinary haircut when you can give your child a memorable and enjoyable experience at Pigtails & Crewcuts?

Start the school year off in style by scheduling your child’s haircut with our talented team. Together, let’s make heading back to school a time of excitement, confidence, and fabulous haircuts!

10 Benefits of Taking Your Child to a Kid’s Salon Versus an Adult Salon

Taking your child to a kid’s salon can provide numerous benefits that go beyond just a haircut or a makeover. Here are 10 advantages of choosing a kid’s salon for your child’s grooming needs:

1. Child-Friendly Atmosphere

Kids’ salons are designed specifically to cater to children’s needs. They create a warm and welcoming environment where children feel comfortable and at ease, making the haircut experience enjoyable for both the child and the parent.

2. Experienced and Trained Staff

Kids salons employ professionals who specialize in working with children. These experts understand how to handle kids of different ages and personalities, ensuring a positive and safe experience for your child.

Experienced & trained staff that offers customized kids' services - Pigtails & Crewcuts Smyrna/Vinings

3. Customized Services

Kids salons offer specialized services tailored to children’s unique needs. Whether it’s a haircut, ear piercing, or hairstyle, the services are designed to suit the preferences and comfort of children, ensuring they feel special and cared for.

4. Fun & Entertainment

The best kids salons go the extra mile to make the experience entertaining for children. They may provide entertainment options such as movies, train tables, animal crackers, or treasure chests, keeping children engaged and entertained throughout their visit.

5. Positive Association with Grooming

Regular visits to a kid’s salon help children develop a positive association with grooming activities. It can foster healthy habits and self-care practices from an early age, setting the foundation for good grooming habits in the future.

6. Confidence Boost

A trip to the salon can boost a child’s confidence. Kids salons provide a space where children can express their preferences and make choices about their appearance. A well-groomed child feels more confident and empowered.

7. Socialization Opportunities

Kids salons create a social environment where children can interact with their peers. This can enhance their social skills, boost self-esteem, and provide opportunities for making new friends.

Kid & Adult socialization

8. Professional Guidance

Kids salons often provide professional guidance and advice on maintaining children’s hair. They can recommend appropriate products and techniques for parents to use at home, ensuring optimal care for your child’s grooming needs.

9. Education on Personal Hygiene

Kids salons can educate children about the importance of personal hygiene in a fun and engaging way. They can teach children about proper handwashing, hair care, and maintaining a clean and healthy appearance.

10. Memorable Experiences

Visiting a kids salon creates lasting memories for both children and parents. It becomes an enjoyable and bonding experience for families, as they share special moments and create treasured memories together.

Choosing a kid’s salon for your child’s grooming needs offers a range of benefits that prioritize their comfort, enjoyment, and overall well-being. It’s an investment in their confidence, social skills, and self-care habits that will serve them well into adulthood.

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