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15 Stylish Haircuts for Boys


Boys Haircuts

Whether you’re preparing for school picture day, a family photo session or special event, or your son is just in desperate need of a haircut, finding the right style can be quite the task. Luckily, the stylists at Pigtails & Crewcuts are experts at creating stylish haircuts for boys of all ages.

Let’s take a look at 15 of our favorite hairstyles for boys.

1. The Crewcut

There’s a reason this cut is part of our name! It’s a classic look for guys of all ages that will never go out of style. Usually, the hair is cut to the same length all over with an even clipper cut.

The Crewcut - 15 Haircuts for Boys
High & Tight - 15 Haircuts for Boys

2. High & Tight

This style is similar to a crewcut, with hair on the sides and back of the head clipped very close and typically to a point near or above the temples, giving the cut the “high” part of the name. The cut is blended all the way around like a military haircut.

3. Hard Part

This cool hairstyle for boys is long on the top and buzzed on the sides, and features a line etched in the scalp to create the part. Often, this look is styled by combing the hair to one side.

Hard Part - 15 Haircuts for Boys
Bald Fade - 15 Haircuts for Boys

4. Bald Fade

This is a great low-maintenance, no-fuss hairstyle for boys on the go! This look can be achieved with clippers on the top, tapered down to a smaller guard on the side.

5. Mohawk

This haircut is great for boys who aren’t afraid to try something new. Mohawks involve shaving both sides of the head, leaving only a small section of longer hair down the center of the head that can be spiked to finish off the look.

Mohawk - 15 Haircuts for Boys
Fauxhawk - 15 Haircuts for Boys

6. Fauxhawk

If your little man likes the look of a mohawk but isn’t sure about making that drastic of a hairstyle change, a fauxhawk is the perfect alternative. Our stylists will cut the hair to the same length all the way around and spike it in the middle to create the essence of a mohawk without taking off too much hair.

7. Long Curls

Don’t want to lose your boy’s curls? Our stylists can help you maintain the look without taking off too much length by cleaning up the ends and making sure your child’s hair stays out of his eyes. Remember, regular appointments are great for keeping natural curls in shape and looking great.

Long Curls - 15 Haircuts for Boys
Design Cut - 15 Haircuts for Boys

8. Design Cut

If your son wants to really make a statement with his haircut, a design cut is a fun option. Clippers will be used to fade and scissors on top to complete the look.

9. The Fringe

This layered cut is great for boys who like to switch between a natural look and using products to add texture and style. The top can be styled up for a trendy look.

The Fringe - 15 Haircuts for Boys
Pompadour - 15 Haircuts for Boys

10. Pompadour

The pompadour is a great haircut for boys with thicker hair. Clippers are used to cut hair on one side of the head and the back, with hair shaved all the way to the part on one side. The part is cut into the hair with trimmers to ensure hair stays to one side. On the other side, the hair is blended. A styling product is then used to help create the peaks this style is known for.

11. Classic Boys Cut

This is another clean, timeless haircut for boys that we love. The classic cut is mostly done with scissors, cutting hair off the ears or layered on the sides and back. A little length is left on the top and with the bangs to push to the side of a neat and dapper look.

Classic Cut - 15 Haircuts for Boys
Bold Fade - 15 Haircuts for Boys

12. Bold Fade

The bold fade is another short and very low maintenance haircut for boys. It’s great for active kids who don’t enjoy sitting still but want a stylish look.

13. The Quiff

Another very dapper hairstyle for boys, the quiff is a good option for boys who like to keep their hair short but also like the ability to style their hair whenever they want. The back and sides are cut short, and the sides are combed flat. A little length is left on top for creating the quiff with a little bit of product.

The Quiff - 15 Haircuts for Boys
Spiky - 15 Haircuts for Boys

14. Spiky

If your son has thicker hair and enjoys a styled look, a spiky ‘do is a good option to consider. Your stylist can help you determine the best length for your child and show you how to create and set the spiky style with a styling gel.

15. Layers

For the boy who likes a little more length to his hair, a haircut with layers will allow you to achieve a number of styles by adding texture and movement no matter his hair type. Best of all, layers work well on all hair types.

Layers - 15 Haircuts for Boys

When your son is ready for his next haircut, the stylists at your local Pigtails & Crewcuts will be ready to give him the perfect haircut. Contact a salon near you today to schedule an appointment. If you still need some style inspiration, you can always ask your stylist for suggestions or check out our Style Book for more ideas.