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How to French Braid Your Child’s Hair



French braids are a classic style for kids but it takes some practice to master the look. Weaving multiple sections of hair together may make you feel like you need at least three more hands to get it right, but with some helpful tips and plenty of practice runs, you’ll learn how to French braid in no time. Plus your kids will love having a new option to add to their hairstyle mix.

Hair Braiding Process

Check out our video tutorial!

Preparing to French Braid

Before you sit your child down to start braiding, it helps to have your supplies ready to go. Take a few minutes to grab the following:

  • Rubber bands
  • A comb or brush 
  • Hair clip (Optional)
  • Hairspray (Optional)
  • Bobby pins (Optional)

Once you have your supplies ready, it’s time to prep your child’s hair. Be sure to comb any tangles out so that it is easier to braid. If you’re only completing one braid in your child’s hair, you can brush their hair back and away from the forehead. If you’re planning on French braiding into pigtails, go ahead and part your child’s hair and secure one section to the side with a hair clip.

Braiding Supplies
How to Make a Single French Braid
  1. Gather three small sections of hair where you want to begin the braid. These sections of hair should be equal in size. 
  2. Cross the right section of hair over the middle section so that the right is now the middle piece of hair. Then, cross the left section over the middle, making the left the new middle piece of hair. 
  3. Next, on the left-hand side gather a small piece of hair and add it to the left-hand section in your hand. Cross that over the middle strand and then repeat this process on the right-hand side. 
  4. Continue repeating step three until you reach the nape of the neck. You can either secure the braid with a rubber band at this point, or you can continue with a regular, three-strand braid down the length of your child’s hair before securing it with the rubber band.
How to Make French Braid Pigtails
  1. After parting your child’s hair and securing one side with a hair clip, take the other side and gather three small sections of hair of equal size near the crown of the head. 
  2. Follow steps 2-4 for the single French braid. 
  3. Next, unclip the other side and make your French braid, following steps 2-4 for the single French braid.

The Finishing Touches

Make it Look Tidy 

If you still have some flyaways or layers that are sticking out of the French braid, grab your hairspray and bobby pins. Use a light spritz of hairspray on any flyaways (make sure to avoid getting hairspray in your child’s eyes). Use the bobby pins to secure any loose layers or pieces sticking out of the braid. 

Give Your French Braids an Extra Touch

If you want to give your child’s French braids an extra special look, tie ribbons at the bottom over the rubber bands, or clip in a favorite hairbow to complete the look.

Practice makes perfect, so don’t stress out if you don’t get it right the first time. Keep trying – we know you can do it! If you have questions about French braiding your child’s hair, remember the stylists at your local Pigtails & Crewcuts salon are happy to help with your questions!