DIY Beauty Treatments From Your Pantry

Having a frizzy day? Apply some avocado. Feeling oily? Sprinkle some cornstarch on your scalp. Spend too much time in the sun?  Honey is the cure for dry and sun-damaged locks. While many of us have spent a fortune on hair and skin products over the years, it seems that most of the answers to our beauty questions are actually right at our fingertips—and in our gardens and pantries. Here are some recipes you can try at home.

Mix your own sugar scrub. All it takes is sugar, essential oils and scents that you and your kids love! Visit Wellness Mama for recipes that create pumpkin pie scrub, lemon hand scrub and lemon lavender facial scrub.

Create your own facemask. Facemasks you buy at the store are expensive and often filled with ingredients you can’t even pronounce. We found a variety of masks for all skin types at, and learned a lot in the process. Did you know that turmeric and yogurt will help brighten your skin? Lemon, honey, milk and cucumber will soothe, and yogurt and oatmeal are great for sunburns. Dark chocolate, which is high in anti-oxidants, is even great for your skin!

Blend your own conditioner. Your refrigerator could actually be storing your next hair treatment. Avocado, mayonnaise, rosemary, coconut milk, soybean oil—they’re all ingredients (although not necessarily together!) in these DIY hair care products. The site even offers recipes for homemade dandruff treatments.

Round up your own remedies. From conditioning dry and damaged hair to drying up that greasy sheen, Woman’s Day pulled together a number of home remedies to address the most common beauty challenges. Read more here.

Do You Know What You’re Putting in Your Hair?

We’ve all heard that natural ingredients are better for our hair. Items that aren’t natural often include chemicals that are potentially harmful. While Europe and other areas are stringent about banning potentially damaging chemicals in beauty and food products, the U.S. is far more lax in what’s allowed. According to the U.S.  Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the following products, which are found commonly in hair items, could be associated with potential health risks.

Formaldehyde – Found in some shampoos and bleach, formaldehyde can cause allergic reactions and, according to the EPA, has been tied to cancer.

Lead – A common ingredient in hair dye, the EPA states that lead can be harmful. If you’re going to dye your hair, find a product that is non-toxic and chemical-free. 

Sodium Hydroxide – Found in perms and relaxers, sodium hydroxide can be damaging to the skin and lungs if overexposure occurs.

Dibutyl Phthalates– Used as a fragrance in hair products, overexposure has been tied to digestive issues in humans, and has posed greater health risks, including cancer, in animals.

Hydantoin DMDM – Found in children’s conditioners and detanglers, this “antimicrobial formaldehyde releasing agent” can be damaging to kids’ developing systems.

DEA/MEA/TEA – These three-letter acronyms put the foam into many shampoos, and can be irritating to the eyes, skin, nose and throat.

To avoid exposure to unnecessary chemicals, we suggest that you always talk to your Pigtails & Crewcuts’ stylist about what products are best for your child’s hair. We’re constantly researching the latest items and are happy to share our expertise.

Pigtails & Crewcuts Takes Kids’ Special Needs Seriously

We got into the kids hair care business because we love kids—all kids, no matter how challenging their needs may seem. Before we became salon owners, we remember the frustration we went through when taking our own children, kicking and screaming, to get a haircut. Looking back, we, as parents, remember feeling helpless, judged and ashamed.

We opened our Pigtails & Crewcuts salon so that no parent, particularly parents of children with special needs, ever have to feel that way. Whether your kid is screaming his head off or howling with laughter, we’ve seen it all and we welcome everyone.

The talented Pigtails & Crewcuts staff has extensive experience working with children who have physical, medical and developmental challenges. We’ve handpicked each and every one of our stylists because they’re kind, patient and talented. Our staff will do just about anything to make your child’s haircut as easy and stress-free as possible. For some kids, that means cutting hair while the little one sits in mom’s lap, plays with trains or reads a book. We’ll put on a movie that he or she likes, blow bubbles, offer “quiet” appointments before we open or after we close, and do whatever it takes to give every child the wonderful haircutting experience he or she deserves.

Pigtails & Crewcuts puts the customer first, even if that customer is only knee high. Our goal is to work with kids within their world, not try and fit them into ours. And if there are tears the whole time? Well that’s completely normal, too. We’ve all been there, ourselves, and we’re here for you.

Please don’t hesitate to make suggestions to your stylist about how we can best work with your child in a way that makes him or her the most comfortable.

Holiday Traditions around the World

When the pumpkins leave the porches and begin making their way into pies, we know the holidays are upon us. First there’s turkey, then there are gifts and before we know it, a giant ball is dropping in Times Square. In the U.S., we have our own ways, both as a culture and within families, of celebrating the holidays, and those traditions are different than many other celebrations around the world.

Here are some fun holiday traditions that are happening right now, across the globe.

Chinese New Year. This 15-day holiday is filled with family, fireworks and food. January 31, 2014 begins the Year of the Horse. Families everywhere will put out oranges and tangerines to symbolize wealth and prosperity, make their own dumplings, light Chinese lanterns and more.  “Gung hay fat choy!” (that means, “May you become prosperous!”).

Christmas. During Christmas, Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Families decorate Christmas trees, bake cookies and spend time with their family. Children hear tales about Santa Claus, a jolly fat man in a red suit, who flies around the world on a sleigh pulled by reindeer. Santa climbs down chimneys and places gifts below the tree.

Hanukkah. Hanukkah, which is known as the Festival of Lights, is an eight-day Jewish celebration. Children receive a gift each day, and each night, families light the candles of the menorah. Popular foods eaten during Hanukkah are potato pancakes (latkes) and delicious jelly donuts (sufganiyot).

Kwanzaa. This African harvest festival, celebrated Dec. 26 – Jan. 1, embraces family and unity. Each day, a different candle on a kinara is lighted to observe the seven principles of the holiday. Parents and children exchange gifts—often of an educational or artistic nature—on the last day.

Three Kings Day. As part of the 12 days of Christmas, Three Kings Day is observed as the day that the three wise men met Jesus, surrounding him with gifts. The day is celebrated differently in various regions. In Spain, children often get to open their Christmas gifts. In Puerto Rico, kids sleep with a box of hay under their beds, as a way to welcome the gifts. In France, they celebrate by eating King cake, which has a small toy or coin hidden within.

The Yule Lads of Iceland. According to Icelandic tradition, there is not one, not two, but 13 Santas, known as Yule Lads, and they place small gifts into children’s shoes. Starting on December 12, kids place their best shoe on the windowsill of their bedroom so the Yule Lads can fill it. The Yule Lads are also known for playing tricks, and are named accordingly: There’s Þvörusleikir the Spoon-licker, Gluggagægir the Peeper, Bjúgnakrækir the Sausage-pilfer, Hurðaskellir the Door-slammer, and the list goes on. Because there’s no coal in Iceland, children who misbehave will get a potato in their shoe.


Hair-raising Ideas for Halloween ‘dos

Fall is in the air, and all of the little goblins and ghouls are getting ready for a hair-raising holiday!

Hair makes the outfit, whether it’s Halloween or any other day of the year, and our Pigtails & Crewcuts team of hair experts is filled with ideas for you and your little pumpkin. Whether you’re teasing yourself into a tizzy or rocking the faux hawk, get your scare on with our ideas for Halloween hair.

Tease it out. Ready for your hair to stand on end? Hold it straight up and then take a comb and gently tease it down until it stands on its own. Spray with hair spray (or, better, color spray) for staying power. Whether you’re teasing one section or all of the hair, this is a great way to turn heads on Halloween.

Spike it up. Want to look rough and tough? With Jacques’ Hair Jam, by Circle of Friends, you won’t get any funny business. This texturizing hair wax is perfect for creating high hair art, whether you want a faux hawk, spikes or just a wild, vertical ‘do.

Slick it back. Go greased lightening! Slick that hair back, with the best of ‘em. Whether you’re dressing as Superman, Dracula or even a slick politician, you need goo. We suggest Circle of Friends Luc’s Lemon Lime Shine Hair Slicker, which is also great for smoothing out or spiking up hair, year round.

Color, color and more color. Whether you’re a zombie or a clown, a monster, mermaid or minion, every costume is better with color. Consider using hair chalk, hair color spray, hair feathers or hair tinsel for an eye-catching splash of brightness.

Go beyond Pippi with pipe cleaners. Pipe cleaners are a Halloween hairdo’s best friend. Whether you’re looking to make sticky-outy braids like Pippi Longstocking, or something less extreme, these tools are inexpensive and easy to use. Simply section hair into pigtails or ponytails and braid or wrap the hair around the pipe cleaner. You can form them into simple cat ears, bumblebee antennas or other styles.

Twist those cinnamon rolls. Do you have a little Princess Leia? Those cinnamon roll buns are key! To form them, make pigtails above the ears. Braid both pigtails, placing a small rubber band at the end of each. Then twist them into buns, and use bobby pins or hairpins to hold them together. May the force be with you!

Add some flair to your hair. Look around you for inspiration. Flowers or leaves make beautiful accents. Going for a scary effect? A few plastic spiders will really ramp up the creep factor and make just about anyone’s skin crawl. With a supply of bobby pins in hand, you can attach just about anything to your hair.

Keep it simple. Sometimes, a little bit of Halloween goes a long way. A simple themed hair clip or headband is a great way to show off some Halloween spirit. Plus, you won’t have any arguments about washing it out.


Top 3 Kid’s Hair Disasters: Turning a Hair-don’t into a Hairdo

Pigtails & Crewcuts works with parents and children to turn bad hair days into good hair days.

Atlanta, Georgia (August 06, 2013) — It happens more than you might think: Gum gets mysteriously stuck in Kennedy’s curls; marker makes its way into Louie’s locks; the ponytail on Eileen goes green from chlorine. Pigtails & Crewcuts, a children’s hair salon franchise with more than 35 locations across the nation, regularly turns bad hair days to good. In fact, the salon recently created a video series illustrating a good-humored dramatization of the challenges it regularly sees.

According to salon owners at Pigtails & Crewcuts, the following kid’s hair disasters are the most common:

  1. Sibling Cutlery. Brothers and sisters have a way with scissors, but their way is rarely considered “shear genius.” The stylists at Pigtails & Crewcuts regularly work with hair of all lengths (and angles) to return it to its photo-ready state. (Note: parents, while more skilled than siblings, have also been known to produce similar less-than-ideal haircuts).
  2. Foreign Invasion. While gum is the most common culprit, stylists across the country have seen their share of foreign objects lodged in hair, such as candy, paint, peanut butter, lotion and more. While moms and dads are often quick to hop on the internet to find a solution, this is a situation that’s often best left to the pros.
  3. Jamaican Me Crazy. Kids (and, often, their parents) love getting their hair braided on vacation. But what looked cute for a few days on the island has a way of getting matted and dirty on the mainland. Stylists are happy to help take the “dread” out of dreadlocks and return your child’s hair to its natural state.

Does your family have a hair disaster relief plan? If not, it’s time to get acquainted with your local Pigtails & Crewcuts, where stylists are adept at taking care of business, whether it’s gum, make-up, color, food, scissors or any other common kid-tastrophe — no questions asked. You never know when such services will come in handy.

About Pigtails & Crewcuts

Founded in 2004 in Atlanta, Georgia, Pigtails & Crewcuts is a children’s hair salon franchise dedicated to making haircuts fun and stress-free for young patrons and their parents. With 32 locations across the nation, Pigtails & Crewcuts specializes in quality haircuts for boys and girls of all ages, and also hosts children’s parties. In 2010, named Pigtails & Crewcuts one of the Top 10 Chains for Kid Birthday Parties. In addition, Entrepreneur Magazine has named Pigtails & Crewcuts to the “Franchise 500” list as a top franchise for five consecutive years. To learn more, go to


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